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I’m Josh, a professional educational writer with more than four years experience crafting engaging articles and scripts, predominantly in the STEM and history fields. I’m a diligent learner and reliable researcher, always looking for ways to share and cultivate new ideas.

I help magazines, blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels engage and inspire their audiences by writing informative, concise and entertaining articles and scripts. Notably, I’m acclaimed for my ability to match and imitate the particular writing style or voice of each and every client of mine, allowing seamless incorporation of my work into yours.

I’ve featured in countless reputable publications including History Is Now, Vimes and Medieval Magazine, and I’ve been hired by many of the largest educational channels on YouTube to research and write documentaries. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most influential podcasters and blogs, helping to share information and educate in a more interesting, interactive way.

Each project includes a vast amount of devoted research and undergoes a rigorous editing and refining process to best match the client’s wishes. You have full guarantee of impeccable communication between us and and complete focus on your work.


Passion and Creativity

Every work is a piece of art.

Proven Excellence

Published and Respected Author

Clear Communication

Stay in the know; get exactly what you want.

My Clients